When You Think Of Flexibility, What Strikes You As Important?

At Lipe Industrial Services, flexible means "around your needs." So if you require us to start and finish a job between shifts or over a weekend or even on a holiday, consider it done. And unlike other operators, who leave way too many traces of their presence behind, you'll hardly know Lipe was on the grounds.

We're a complete turnkey operation. We do all the prep and take care of every ancillary need associated with the job we've been hired to do, including but not limited to concrete cutting, trench drain issues, ventilation concerns and complete clean-up.

We've come to understand that we basically do one thing well. And that's to provide absolute first-rate quality, the kind that's second to none. And frankly, we're not timid about saying so.

We consider ourselves the very best provider of commercial industrial coatings in the industry. We have hard-working crews, unparalleled product lines, and a superlative guarantee. We've also been forging great relationships since 1983, proof that we're in this for the long haul. Which means that if you have a question years later about a job we did for you, we'll still be answering the phone.


" When it came time to bring some pizazz to our floors, we entertained more than a half-dozen potential providers. When the dust had settled, Lipe was the clear choice. They weren't the lowest bid. But that didn't bother us when we took a look at the fine print. They smoked everyone else in terms of coming clean on what they would provide and how they'd back up the job. Frankly, we wouldn't even think of using anyone else in the future."

-- a client of Lipe Industrial Services


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