Want to know what people will say when they walk into a facility
where we've performed our magic? "Wow - who did your floors?!"
That's not a presumption. It's what our clients tell us, time after time after time...

Residential Floors: If you're looking for a quick fix, we invite you to visit a big-box store but with this caution -- what you buy and apply won't look good for long. If you choose Lipe, however, we pledge to treat your floor to a process that will hold up for years to come. In essence, we provide the same quality product on your home or office or garage as we do for the big boys -- factories, food production facilities, industrial warehouses. And your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Industrial Floors: We know and understand the sometimes nitty-gritty world that defines your workplace because we collaborate directly with facility managers and engineers and consultants. We speak their language, realizing they appreciate creative problem-solvers who can deal with hybrid projects. In short, they want Lipe. Over a period of three decades, we've seen it all, and we've developed strategies to give you a floor that will not only exceed your every standard, but be the envy of your industry.

Retail Floors: Your customers will judge you not only on what you sell or service, but the environment in which it's displayed. Bottom line? You want to showcase your place, and that includes the floors, a strategy that will earn you the respect you deserve.

Food Service Providers: In a world marked by quality control, we're savvy when it comes to all the guidelines and mandates affecting workplaces where food products are an issue. We're flexible enough to start and finish a job between shifts or over a weekend or holiday. That results on fewer shut-downs on your end, creating smooth transitions and greater productivity.

Concrete Polishing: Our Concrete Polishing division is second to none, relying on state-of-the-art equipment to bring any industrial, commercial or high-end retail floor to a dazzling shine. We're equipped to handle any job, no matter the size. And we offer a full line of options, from the standard 800-grit treatment for typical industrial floors, all the way up to a 3000-grit application to create a high gloss showpiece.


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