We're family owned and family operated and headquartered just outside Grand Rapids, Michigan.

But we're big enough that we've done work south to Alabama, west to Arizona and all over the Midwest.

Our founder comes from a family where the work ethic was of paramount importance, and it shows in our attention to detail. We also understand timelines and deadlines. We think nothing of working long nights, weekends and holidays. Whatever it takes to accommodate YOUR schedule.

We have hard-working and experienced crews, unparalleled product lines, and a superlative guarantee. We've also been forging relationships for some 30 years, proof that we're in this for the long haul. And evidence that if you have a question years later about a job we did for you, we'll still be answering the phone.

"We've got a saying in our industry: 'Do it once and do it right.' It's become an important mantra because we've tried doing things on the cheap, and it usually backfires. Lipe made promises, and then they backed every one of those promises up with action. Great people. Great job."

-- a client of Lipe Industrial Services


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